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Church Of Little Flock Audio Recording Archive

*This archive contains the messages given at weekly Sabbath and annual Holy Day church services. Here sermons, sermonettes and also bi-weekly bible studies from the Church Of God Little Flock can be downloaded and listened to on your own device. These recordings are listed from newer to older. Just click on the message that you want to download. Please report any broken links.




* Gods Purpose For Mankind (FDULB) 03-28-2021
* Gods Two Witnesses- Who, What, Where, When by Sonny Shannon 01-16-2021

* The Resurrection by Dave Jones 01-09-2021

* Timmy's Marker by Danny Howard 01-02-2021  

* Christmas And Witchcraft by Steve Vaughn 12-26-2020

* A Slice Of God by Dave Jones 12-12-2020

* The Faith Once Delivered To The Saints by Sonny Shannon 12-05-2020

* Saul's Example by Dave Jones 11-28-2020

* Politics by Steve Vaughn 11-21-2020

* Perspective by Danny Howard 11-14-2021

* Gods Awesome Universe by Sonny Shannon 11-07-2020

* Walk With God by Dave Jones 10-31-2020

* We Are Family by Dave Jones 10-17-2020

* God's Government On Earth part 2 by Steve Vaughn (FOT 7th day) 10-09-2020

* Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day by Dave Jones (FOT 6th day) 10-08-2020

* God's Government On Earth by Steve Vaughn (FOT 4th day) 10-06-2020

* Why The Desert Will Blossom As A Rose by Sonny Shannon (FOT 3rd day) 10-05-2020

* Gods Feast of Tabernacles; Having The Fear Of God by Steve Vaughn (FOT 2nd day) 10-04-2020 




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