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The History Of The True Church

*These are Herbert W. Armstrong Church Of God videos and booklets that present a look behind the scenes and explain the History of the True Church of God. Click the PLAY button to watch the videos. You may have to pause the video for a few minutes to let it load before trying to watch.

      "Is Christ divided? There are more than 250 major denominations in America alone — and other hundreds of little groups and sects. WHY? When did this confusion originate?
      How much do you really know about the TRUE CHURCH? Where has it been? Have you supposed it was re-established at the Protestant Reformation? IT WAS NOT! You will be ASTONISHED to see the true history of GOD'S Church. This true history, authentically documented, is breathtaking.
     Here, then, are the astounding facts! This surprising truth is bound up in the real meaning of the SEVEN CHURCHES IN REVELATION!"

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The History Of The True Church Video by
Herbert W. Armstrong

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