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The Ten Commandments

          "As a motion picture, they were acclaimed by the world. As the law of God, they have been loved by some, hated by  others -- but transgressed by all. The Ten Commandments have been cursed, maligned, distorted, vilified; some, by human arguments, have tried to do away with them. A small few of the obedient have experienced the blessings they can bring. David said, "O how love I thy law!" and called it perfect; Paul called it holy, just and good; Jesus honored, magnified, obeyed, and commanded obedience to the Ten Commandments. But to most people they remain and an enigma that has never been understood. Here is the answer to the request of thousands -- a booklet explaining plainly this inexorable living law, soon to become the basic law of the peaceful, prosperous, joyful world tomorrow!"


PDF Version


Audio Version

*This is the audio version of the booklet "The Ten Commandments" by Herbert W. Armstrong.  The audio will start playing when you click the "PLAY" button in the player of the part that you want to listen to. To download, click the three dots at the right side of the audio player, then click "Download". There are 2 parts to this booklet.


part 1

part 2

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